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We are moving our delivery service to a new platform, Radish. Radish is a food cooperative that is dedicated to the local economy and seeks to offer a more fair alternative to restaurants, delivery workers and consumers.

You can visit our order page at https://radish.coop/r/maharani.

They are currently offering a FREE shipping promotion when you order via their platform. 


You can also order pickup order directly from this website.

We miss your presence very much and look forward to serving you on site when things get better! In the meantime, we hope you are doing well and we look forward to serving you online!


Local fresh cuisine 


Unlike any other Indian restaurant, Buffet Maharani offers a unique dining experience where you order your meals at your table and a qualified chef prepares your meals which are delivered fresh to your table by our friendly waiting staff. Over hours, we will spoil you for choice with our gourmet quality Indian meals using only the freshest and healthiest ingredients.

How all-you-can-eat works??

Customers can order a number of times, trying various meals as many times as you like. All the food is freshly cooked as you order.

Lunch buffet is from 11.30am to 15.00pm, and dinner buffet is from 17.00pm to 22.00pm.

Buffet Mahrani also offers an "a la carte menu" to compliment the all-you-can-eat banquet, in addition, we serve wines and beer for reasonable prices.

Buffet Maharani offers lower prices, better quality and better value by eliminating excessive food associated with conventional buffet restaurants. This way we can present meals using high quality ingredients.

FREE shipping

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